We spent over 2 years creating our bespoke sustainable fabrics to ensure that the Stay and Play leggings and bras are utterly sensational.  Here are 11 reasons why Om With Me is one of the best yoga pants available: 



1. LUXURIOUSLY SOFT - We use a very high grade of SUPPLEX® in our garments that is angelic on skin and resistant to pilling so will always remain super smooth and looking great.


2. PERKY BUTT- These leggings will perk your butt due to the specific quantity and quality of LYCRA®, hugging you in all the right places.


3. ELEGANT BLACK - The classic shade of black is achieved using Black Technology LYCRA®, which keeps its colour even at full stretch, and does not wash out as the fabric is naturally black rather than dyed like regular generic spandex. The fabric therefore does not shine and has you covered outdoors with UPF50+ protection.


4. LONG, LONG LEGS - The Om With Me leggings have chic panels that create a more snug fit and make your legs look lovely and long.


5. STRETCHY STRETCH - We use a superior form of LYCRA® which features high memory retention and complete freedom of movement.


6. FOREVER YOUNG - The advanced technical blend of SUPPLEX® and Black Technology LYCRA® took us over 2 years of product testing and iteration to create. It is designed to last for a lifetime of downward dog, without losing shape. We are totally anti fast-fashion. 


7. HIDDEN GOODNESS - The waistband pocket is hidden and compact, so you can easily carry your bits and pieces without any bulging. The waistband itself can also be worn up or down.


8. ECO CONSCIOUS CHOICES - Our gussets and linings feature 100% ECONYL® recycled nylon.  The recovery of waste used in the production of ECONYL® recycled nylon would otherwise end up in landfills or dumps, thus saving large amounts of natural non-renewable resources, reducing atmospheric emissions and safeguarding protected marine life. The finished fabric is light and extremely comfortable, embracing the body as a second skin while being breathable and fast-drying.


9. NO CAMELS HERE - A structured and discreet gusset ensures you are well covered and extremely comfortable in your stretch pose.


10. BREATHE FREELY - Breathable and quick drying, the fabric absorbs sweat fast and then allows its natural evaporation.


11. CHIC STITCH, CHAFE-FREE - Created using brand new stitching technology for a unique chafe-free design, our stitching is built to be pulled, stretched, heated and wetted, yet still not wear or break down with heavy use...


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